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Re: Lifehouse compilations....

>From: "Jim M"
>Subject: Re: Lifehouse compilations.
>Is there a Who version <Mary>?

I used Pete's solo version off of Scoop.
But, for some reason I was thinking that a new release included a Who version
of a song that I previously only could find on Pete solo collections.
I'm thinking now that it's not Mary, but rather "Time is Passing" ?

>I wanted to end up with something that sounded like
>it could have been a real album.

I've been meaning to re-do my collection onto CD too.
Just not sure how much would need to be cut to accommodate an 80min.
allotment.  I found using Pete solo recordings didn't detract from the over
all flow.
They were kind of nice <cigarette> breaks from the mayhem that is The Who.

>What about Slip Kid and Who Are You, which Pete put on Chronicles?
>Do they belong?

I'm amazed that this question didn't generate any replies.
What's wrong with you people????!!!!
I'm old school.
My compilation was pre-chronicles.
And, I wanted to capture Lifehouse as it was meant to be when Pete originally
was trying to bring it to life.
So, while I still don't fully understand how Slip Kid and WAY made it to LH,
I'm sticking with the current line up.
When I made my tape, years ago, I wasn't fully aware of the entire story line
of Lifehouse.  I took the songs that were supposed to be Lifehouse (can't
remember where they were listed..) and put them in an order that told a love
story.  It still ended up pretty close.
Here 'tis:

Pure and Easy
Time Is Passing (Who Came First)
Too Much of Anything
Going Mobile
Love Aint for Keeping
Don't Know Myself
Baby Don't You Do It
Getting in Tune
Let's See Action
Join Together
Put the Money Down
Naked Eye
Won't Get Fooled Again
Song Is Over

I posted this once, a couple of years ago, and you had some feedback regarding
the track order.
What was it??????????????

Sorry, but I was never able to find my track list that included the individual
I'd be hard pressed to cut any tracks.
Nope, won't do it.
Two CD's ??

Kevin in VT