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Re: Lifehouse compilations....

----- Original Message ----- From: "Kevin O'Neal"

Hey, Kevin, thanks for the input.  Isn't it just typical that we Who fans
have to live with the frustration of the best album that was never made.  I
mean, they were so close to having a rock opera of the caliber of Tommy or
Quadrophenia.  All that was needed was to connect a few dots.  But, Pete's
ideas were so much more grandiose.  Pretentious bugger.

> But, for some reason I was thinking that a new release included a Who
> of a song that I previously only could find on Pete solo collections.
> I'm thinking now that it's not Mary, but rather "Time is Passing" ?

There's the live version of Time is Passing from the Young Vic, which I
really like.  I'm starting to realize I'm going to have to do two versions
of this.  One with songs from lots of sources, Who studio, Who live, Pete
solo, Pete demo, maybe even Pete live.  But, gosh, that makes choosing to
songs really difficult.  The other version would be just Who studio versions
of songs.  That limits the choices to where you've really only got enough
for one CD anyway.

> >What about Slip Kid and Who Are You, which Pete put on Chronicles?
> >Do they belong?

> ...I wanted to capture Lifehouse as it was meant to be when Pete
> was trying to bring it to life.
> So, while I still don't fully understand how Slip Kid and WAY made it to
> I'm sticking with the current line up.

Slip Kid seems to fit a lot more than Who Are You does.  There's this "civil
war," "slip over here and set me free," "no easy way to be free" theme that
I can work that in with my admittedly very fuzzy mental image of Lifehouse.
On the other hand, right from the first line of Who Are You, I have a
problem.  I don't imagine any part of Lifehouse taking part in London, so
it's hard for me to incorporate "I woke up in a Soho doorway," or "I took
the tube back out of town."  The setting, in my head, is more like The
Matrix meets Road Warrior.  Plus, it's such a powerful song in its own
right, I think it would take over too much.  So Who Are You is definitely
out for me and, while I love Slip Kid and I think it fits rather well with
the story, I'd leave it off too.

> When I made my tape, years ago, I wasn't fully aware of the entire story
> of Lifehouse.

I could still use a crash course.  I know Pete's given some interviews, etc.
Does anyone know of a good link to something that explains the story.  Or,
are there several versions as Pete churned it over through the years.  I
haven't bought Chronicles.  It's a lot of money for a whole lot of Scoop
type demos.  What do people think of the radio play.  Does that really pull
it all together?

> I took the songs that were supposed to be Lifehouse (can't
> remember where they were listed..) and put them in an order that told a
> story.  It still ended up pretty close.
> Here 'tis:

I was missing:

> Time Is Passing (Who Came First)
Now I've got to find a "Who Came First" CD!  Or, use the live version.
> Water
> Mary
> Baby Don't You Do It
I guess this was going to be Lifehouse's "Eyesight to the Blind?"
> Naked Eye
This is another song that I really don't see how it fits.  Great song,

> I'd be hard pressed to cut any tracks.
> Nope, won't do it.
> Two CD's ??

Great.  Now you're going to make me buy a CD changer for the car!  I'm still
trying to figure out how to get Quadrophenia onto one CD.  You can do it if
you drop The Rock, but that's not satisfactory.  I'm working on seeing if I
can slice a couple of minutes out of it using .wav editing software.  If I
can get a clean edit, that would preserve the way it transitions from Dr.
Jimmy to Love Reign O'er Me.

Jim M