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Roger on Guitar

The first time I saw Roger on Guitar, I well,let's not quite call
it a laugh but I had a bit of a chuckle. It was a bit like a NFL
player trying to dance Swan Lake! What possesed Him or them to '
have old Rog play the guitar is really beyond me. (actually this
was not the first time,I had seen Him play an acoustic on "The 
Old Grey Whistle Test" years before when He released "Daltrey")
However,it was the first time I'd seen Him play it with The WHO.
Roger is best at doing what He does best, that is being the Lead
singer for The WHO. There is no comparison in Rock Music, The man
is simply the best. Townshend would probably send Him a bill if
He did smash one anyway.!
Regards,  Derick.

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