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Re: re-Roger's Eyepatch/Hydepark

I dunno.  They've been sort of trusting RD with a guitar just lately. 
 Think he might get the urge to smash one?


>From: "Derick Bhupsingh" <circles01@hotmail.com>
>To: thewho@igtc.com
>Subject: re-Roger's Eyepatch/Hydepark
>Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 17:13:32 PDT
> Hi All. Tom's Post raises several interesting points. He states
>that He'd never really heard of The Who before,or their music as
>they get little or no airplay on the radio etc.. He'd really gone
>to see Clapton or Alanis Morrisette. This is something that I have
>also been saying for years. Since about the mid to late 1970's
>the British Media,press,electronic or whatever,IMHO started to be 
>very cold/anti Who almost whilst they went around kissing every-
>one elses ass! I mean. just imagine in their own country, a band 
>with the stature of The Who could not even get any airplay ! That's
>why I hate the British Media with a passion. (some of you may have
>noticed this!). Tom's writings clearly proves my point. How many
>other people, Tom's age must have also been similarly deprived ?
>Seems to me almost TWO whole generations ! Good on you Tom !
>    Roger Daltrey, to the best of my knowledge, has for a long,
>long time,probably since the 'Tommy' tours been largely the person
>most responsible for what The Who's stage act became.And still is.
>It was no surprise to me that Roger came up with the eyepatch idea
>He seems to have a keen sense of choreography. I know that Roger
>loved the lasers that Wiggy introduced during the 70's amongst
>other things and The challenge og creating something for the 'Quad"\
>Tours was right up his street. However, I doubt  even He has any 
>control over the Guitar Department ! (at what point does one smash
>One!)    Regards,  Derick.
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