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re-Roger's Eyepatch/Hydepark

 Hi All. Tom's Post raises several interesting points. He states
that He'd never really heard of The Who before,or their music as
they get little or no airplay on the radio etc.. He'd really gone
to see Clapton or Alanis Morrisette. This is something that I have
also been saying for years. Since about the mid to late 1970's
the British Media,press,electronic or whatever,IMHO started to be 
very cold/anti Who almost whilst they went around kissing every-
one elses ass! I mean. just imagine in their own country, a band 
with the stature of The Who could not even get any airplay ! That's
why I hate the British Media with a passion. (some of you may have
noticed this!). Tom's writings clearly proves my point. How many
other people, Tom's age must have also been similarly deprived ?
Seems to me almost TWO whole generations ! Good on you Tom !
    Roger Daltrey, to the best of my knowledge, has for a long,
long time,probably since the 'Tommy' tours been largely the person
most responsible for what The Who's stage act became.And still is.
It was no surprise to me that Roger came up with the eyepatch idea
He seems to have a keen sense of choreography. I know that Roger
loved the lasers that Wiggy introduced during the 70's amongst
other things and The challenge og creating something for the 'Quad"\
Tours was right up his street. However, I doubt  even He has any 
control over the Guitar Department ! (at what point does one smash
One!)    Regards,  Derick.

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