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Re: More stuff

>The way I look at it, both WC and PSYCHO were Who albums which would 
have been great (well, OK they're still great by Pete alone) Who 
albums, had they been made into Who albums. Two opportunities for the 
band to show they aren't just an oldies act. Instead, they've 
consistantly BEEN an oldies act since the breakup. As usual
with this band's history, the unfulfilled promises are as good or 
better than the fulfilled ones.

>> Surely "Siege" is dead, though, since I've never heard any
>>mention of it other than the "Another Scoop" liner notes.  And 
that's fine with me since "Cat Snatch" and "Ask Yourself" both strike 
me as musically unremarkable.

Any comments on "Iron Man" re-recorded by TED maybe?  PT might have 
been cut out of the movie, but he might get some publicity from it 
that would jump start sales.  I didn't care for the mixture of voices 
on the issued album--wish it had been done by TED.  

I've been reading the paper again (bad sign), and notice that The 
Artist is taking command of his own music.  Apparently he's suing nine 
websites (including a fanzine) for copyright and trademark 
infringement over mp3s, photos, and sales of books and cd-roms through 
the websites in order to "chill the competition," and he plans to 
market his own materials on the web.  He's tried and failed to get the 
rights to his music away from Warner Bros., so plans to re-record it 
all.  Stubborn soul, isn't he?


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