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Re: More stuff

>Psycho would make sense as a Who album.  As for Iron Man, to me it's the 
>oddest Pete album.  I think of it as the begininning of his progression 
>towards Broadway.  "Dig" is decent enough, but I can't stand "Fire."

Pete didn't write "Fire."  You have to admire Roger's technique, regardless 
of whether you like the song.  Nobody can add tension to something any 
better than he can.

>Pete's the most tasteful and clever user of synthesizers I can think of, 
>but it didn't always work, and in the early '80s he sometimes went
>overboard.  It was around this time that he predicted the demise of
>guitars in rock music, to be replaced by synths.

They didn't quite replace guitars, but some techno groups have managed to do 
without.  PT did predict a new musical genre.

>The Who would be IDEAL for Unplugged.  Think about it, the volume would be 
>lower so Roger wouldn't have to yell so loud, and Pete's always been better 
>on acoustic than electric.

I don't think RD will go for it.  He's said his voice is to heavy for 
"unplugged."  Basically, his style of singing is based on the volume--it's 
always been easier for him than trying to sing softly.  Now, of course, 
damage to his voice is more likely to show up there too.

How do you suppose JAE would sound unplugged?  Think he would play an 
acoustic bass?


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