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Re: Bonus tracks

On Tue, 27 Apr 1999, Tom Connor wrote:

> Can anyone tell me what the bonus tracks are on the re-issued versions of
> Face Dances and It's Hard?

I Like Nightmares
It's in You
Somebody Saved Me 
How Can you Do It Alone (live Chicago 12/8/79)
The Quiet One (live NY 10/13/82)


It's Hard, Eminence Front, Dangerous, Cry if you Want (all live from
the '82 final show in Toronto)

Really nice bonus songs on FD.  GET IT!  Would've been nice to have more
extensive liner notes on both, though.  Kinda shows you what they think of
these albums.....Also you might consider seeking out the "It's Faces
Demos" bootleg CD, which has several demos from FD and the great "Athena"
demo, which I can't stop listening to.

> Also, I recently bought Another Scoop (paying a hefty 30 for it), but it
> was worth it alone for the demo of Don't Let Go The Coat and Never Ask Me
> (Pete's best solo song?).

Thirty pounds?!?  Highway robbery!  The problem with all these great demos
is you realize that in many cases Pete by himself is better than the Who,
which is kind of a letdown for a Who fan.