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More stuff

>Hear, Hear!  To the part about an album of originals, that is.  Why would
>anyone want an album of covers when we've got one of rock's great


The way I look at it, both WC and PSYCHO were Who albums which would have
been great (well, OK they're still great by Pete alone) Who albums, had they
been made into Who albums. Two opportunities for the band to show they
aren't just an oldies act.
Instead, they've consistantly BEEN an oldies act since the breakup. As usual
with this band's history, the unfulfilled promises are as good or better
than the fulfilled ones.

> Surely "Siege" is dead, though, since I've never heard any
>mention of it other than the "Another Scoop" liner notes.  And that's fine
>with me since "Cat Snatch" and "Ask Yourself" both strike me as musically

We had a discussion a month or so ago about Pete's use of synths, and surely
this is what he was doing with Siege. It made a lot more sense in 1982 (can
you say: the year of Duran Duran) than it would now. Then again, as the MTV
unplugged shows prove, many songs sound great when stripped down to
essentials (Nirvana and Alice In Chains are both fantastic examples of
this). Who knows; maybe Siege would too.

>(who would rather see something other then a Lifehouse revival)

I agree completely, except that I'd rather see the revival than nothing at

                    Cheers                                     ML

Yet another in my series of incredibly stupid lyrics:

"Red skies at night/Oh oh/Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh..."