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Re: Lifehouse article: Apology

Nothing's sure in life.  All you've got is probabilities. 


>   Still, i don't want to get my hopes up. When Pete was working on
>"Psychoderelict" he did an interview on "Rockline" radio show 
>"Tommy" broadway show, if i remember right) in which he said the next
>release from him would probably be a version of "Lifehouse". 
>thereafter he stated that he shouldn't say that because he had said 
it so
>many times before, and the way he works, things always seem to evolve 
>something else. This i heard with mine own ears from Pete's voice on 
the radio.
>   So i'm a skeptic. And i wanted to warn you and the others on this 
>that the fat lady doesn't always sing the song you expect her to. 
>all, i wasn't suggesting you were a liar or that the report was made 
>                           Hope that clears up any misunderstanding. 
>hoping we actually get LIFEHOUSE!!!!   
>               peace&anarchy, jeffree  

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