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Re: Who knows?

>> So The Who never has been quite "hip" and they're not likely to be 
>> phat, either.  The big question is, can The Who play to a mostly 
>> young, female audience (which surveys show are buying the cds).
>What are you saying, that only young females can be hip?

Didn't you say they're phat?  ;)  

It's the survey from the articles I posted.  Apparently women are now 
buying more cds than men, and the age bracket buying the most music is 
24-40, wasn't it?  So if anybody's going to sell cds, they'll have to 
appeal to these demographics.

>> Did anybody notice the composition of the QUAD audiences?  
>As far as I can recall, at one of the MSG's and the Raleigh show it 
was pretty much an even split. I will say that over the years I 
believe more women became Who fans...back in the "old days" of TOMMY 
and WN etc, I don't remember ever meeting a female who was into the 
band more than marginally (I'm sure there were some, somewhere). 
However, the potential was always there due to PT's songwriting...my 
guess is the sheer power and volume of the band put them off in the 
face of James Taylor or Jim Croce (for instance). I mean, how could a 
Joni Mitchell fan ever be a Who fan? I GUESS it's possible, but it 
must be unlikely. I don't remember too many female Zep fans, either. 
Or Mountain. Women have come a long way since the `60's/`70's. 

I think maybe you're right about the even split these days.  More guys 
post on the lists, but you suspect lots of women are lurking.  I think 
The Who (and Zep) used to be borderline for women.  It's good music, 
and it sounded great on the albums, but live--again you're right--the 
power and volume put gals off.  Hard rock isn't as hard as it used to 
be, though, and The Who doesn't sound like it did at Leeds (yeah, I 
know you're heartbroken).  I think with their current sound, they'd 
play to women about as well as to men.  Roger doesn't seem to have 
lost his charm, either.


P.S.  I always sort of liked Joni Mitchell myself.  :) 

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