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Was Rabbit A Real Member of The Who?


I wrote:

>>> - And there were only six *official* members of The Who under that
>>>   name right?  TED, Keith, Kenney and Rabbit?
>> It is a bit tricky, eh?

Then Brian wrote:

>Especially tricky since if you look at all of the professional portraits
of The
>Who from 1979-1982 you never see Rabbit included in any of them.  So was he
>really an official member or not?
>		-Brian in Atlanta

Interesting point there.  But this is why I ask the question since I'm
really not
sure of the answer.
The only information that I am aware of that would possibly
substantiate Rabbit being a member of The Who is screen footage of an
with Pete recalling the change in the sound of The Who once Rabbit *joined*
band.  Also I recall seeing concert footage where Pete introduces Rabbit as a
member.  But does this substantiate a person being a Who?

Perhaps money is what substantiates membership.  Once again as I recall from
Fletcher's book 'Dear Boy' Kenney was an equal member getting a full share of
the band's revenue.  Putting aside the song writing revenues, did Kenney get
paid the same percentage as John, Roger and Pete?  Was Rabbit a salaried
musician working with The Who?  But once again, are these valid questions to
ask the question who is a Who?

Maybe what we need is a raid on the Trinifold offices to look up past payroll
records.  Now that would be enlightening!

Beau ('we talk so much shit behind each others back I get the Willies')