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Re: Re- Who's a Who

"Member of The Who" would seem to be a business arrangement in regard 
to a share of profits, royalties and etc., as opposed to a temporary 


>From: "Derick Bhupsingh" <circles01@hotmail.com>
>To: thewho@igtc.com
>Subject: Re- Who's a Who
>Date: Sun, 18 Apr 1999 14:01:00 PDT
>Hi All, Beau's question about who we can call a Who member does raise
>a few issues. As far as I'm concerned The Who ended with the death of
>Keith. This will probably raise a few more but what if's but this is
>MHO. What followed was TED with Kenney Jones and Rabbit and as we all 
>know did not really last too long. Now mind you, TED on their own or
>with almost anyone is a very mighty force in Rock n' roll and is hard
>to beat. In whatever fashion or size, TED with or without the rest 
>are still the best. This I am convinced of. The years and years of
>experience,the hundreds and hundreds of shows and the profesionalism
>and confidence of TED is unequalled. If you really were to list the
>number of people that have played live with TED since 1979 onwards it
>would begin to look a little silly. After all Pete said on more than
>one occasion and it's on video: "WE have the unmitted gall to call
>it or this The Who " !(25th anniversary tour finale in california)
>I never saw Daltrey oe Entwistle object to that statement or say
>anything afterwards. As for Bob Pridden, well., no. Bob is probably
>the longest serving Who associate/Roadie/Sound Man etc... However, I
>fail to see any main reason why He should be included as a member of
>The Who.He has been a major player over the years,yes that's true,
>but that does'nt qualify Him as a band member.Bob's contribution to
>The Who should not go unrecognised perhaps,but what exactly did you
>have in mind Beau ? I  await the probable barrage of  those in
>disagreement. ! Regards,
>                          Derick.
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