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Re: Was Rabbit A Real Member of The Who?

More interesting, who's a Who these days?  Are TED actually Who's?  Or 
was all that over when they closed up shop in '82?  If they're 
negotiating over the LIFEHOUSE performance, that would suggest there's 
been a separate contract for everything they've done since.  

We need a copies of the contracts to see what they're calling it now. 
 Anybody got a catburglar lying around at home?


>I wrote:
>>>> - And there were only six *official* members of The Who under 
>>>>   name right?  TED, Keith, Kenney and Rabbit?
>>> It is a bit tricky, eh?
>Then Brian wrote:
>>Especially tricky since if you look at all of the professional 
>of The
>>Who from 1979-1982 you never see Rabbit included in any of them.  So 
was he
>>really an official member or not?
>>		-Brian in Atlanta
>Interesting point there.  But this is why I ask the question since 
>really not
>sure of the answer.
>The only information that I am aware of that would possibly
>substantiate Rabbit being a member of The Who is screen footage of an
>with Pete recalling the change in the sound of The Who once Rabbit 
>band.  Also I recall seeing concert footage where Pete introduces 
Rabbit as a
>member.  But does this substantiate a person being a Who?
>Perhaps money is what substantiates membership.  Once again as I 
recall from
>Fletcher's book 'Dear Boy' Kenney was an equal member getting a full 
share of
>the band's revenue.  Putting aside the song writing revenues, did 
Kenney get
>paid the same percentage as John, Roger and Pete?  Was Rabbit a 
>musician working with The Who?  But once again, are these valid 
questions to
>ask the question who is a Who?
>Maybe what we need is a raid on the Trinifold offices to look up past 
>records.  Now that would be enlightening!
>Beau ('we talk so much shit behind each others back I get the 

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