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Re: The Yellow Ledbetter train!

>From: THRH79B@prodigy.com (MS KELLY D GILES I)
>Oh, and for anyone interested in hearing Pete's songs turned in to
>dance music, I highly recommend the Deep Love remix of "My
>Generation".  Go ahead, give it a listen.

<cough> <rrrretch> <kuh-HACK!> <mm...mmm..mmmbbblllaarrggghhh>  I FORCED
myself to listen to it all the way through, once (and that took two running
starts).  If you like "dance music", (sounds to me like disco music put on
an endless loop with a drum machine), it's interesting as a novelty.  If
you're a Who fan who has little or no interest in dance music, it's pretty
much torture.

>You'll forgive me someday.

I'll try.  Remind me of this when we see each other in person and we can
talk it over.


"When I'm on stage, it's not like bein' possessed...it's just...*I* *do*
*my* *job*."                 - Pete Townshend