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Re: The Yellow Ledbetter train!

From:	Alan McKendree, INTERNET:amck@thenetdr.com

RE:	Re: The Yellow Ledbetter train!

>From: THRH79B@prodigy.com (MS KELLY D GILES I)
>Oh, and for anyone interested in hearing Pete's songs turned in to
>dance music, I highly recommend the Deep Love remix of "My
>Generation".  Go ahead, give it a listen.

<cough> <rrrretch> <kuh-HACK!> <mm...mmm..mmmbbblllaarrggghhh>  I FORCED
myself to listen to it all the way through, once (and that took two runni=
starts).  If you like "dance music", (sounds to me like disco music put o=
an endless loop with a drum machine), it's interesting as a novelty.  If
you're a Who fan who has little or no interest in dance music, it's prett=
much torture.

>You'll forgive me someday.

I'll try.  Remind me of this when we see each other in person and we can
talk it over.//>>>>


I am with you.  I had a horrible experience with this abomination.
Being the unsuspecting purist that I am I found this CD in a used =

rack for $2.00.  I actually didn't know what it was but bought it
anyway for interest sake.  Driving in my Jeep pop the CD to listen
and when I got the the Deep Love mix I almost drove my vehicle off
the road.  I had never even heard of this being made and to be =

honest if someone would had told me I would have called them a
liar.  Where did this come from?

Kathleen (not yet over the shock) Pasquale