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Hi All,

Thanks again for welcoming me to the list. I'd like to apologize though,
my computer is indeed a little behind. I sent the "happy birthday Ox"
post on Sept. 11th. I'll try to fix the little problem with the date on
my computer.

I did wish John Entwistle a happy birthday though. I'll tell you
why...I'm a disc jockey in Syracuse, NY. I recently saw the guys in
Rochester. (Just a tad west of Buffalo) I'm a huge fan, as I've said.
Anyway, we usually recieve what is commonly called "Showprep" in
radioland. It's basically a news service that provides us with news of
the day. (Latest stories, celeb birthdays...etc.) On the Sept. 11th
version of my show prep, it indicated that John Entwistle turned 53. I
have many other sources in which I could've looked this up, but instead I
chose to trust the writers of the news service. (SW Radio Network) I
will, of course, double-check this upon my returning to work on Monday.
(Not that I don't believe you Alan...I certainly do) I'd just like to
check how many of my sources are screwed up!

Again, sorry if I sounded stooooopid in wishing John a happy b'day 28
days before the fact. I'll think before I speak...uh type next time.

Thanks again,

"I'm seein' the double..."