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Re: Ox

>Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 05:33:04 -0400
>From: rickradio1@juno.com (Richard D  Deyulio)

>I'm new to the list, and I'm a huge Who fan!

Hi Richard, welcome.

>I'm going to be the first in
>(sorry) to wish the Ox a happy 53rd birthday!

Well, you certainly were.

>The most innovative and
>exciting bass player in rock celebrated a birthday today,

Well, your message is dated August 13 rather than September 11 (when the
list received it), which indicates either that your system's date is wrong
or your message took almost a month to reach the list (in which case you
would be even *more* of the first person to wish John a happy 53rd.

However, John did not celebrate a birthday on either date; his birthday is
October 9.


"When I'm on stage, it's not like bein' possessed...it's just...*I* *do*
*my* *job*."                 - Pete Townshend