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Pete T. Book

As I drove to work this morning, one of the local radio stations annouced
that several rock musicians would be publishing books in the near future.
The first person they mentioned was Pete and they expected his
memiors to be released sometime next year.  Should be interesting to
read should it finally arrive.  I have several interviews recorded over the
past 15 years were Pete has said that he would write a history of the
Who so that the journalist couldn't screw it up in some fashion.  So, it
sounds like he is finally getting around to it.

I also received the following message several weeks ago:

   Thanks to all who made this past Who tour one that I will never forget.
   See you all again when Quad hits Broadway!


Any ideas on who this person is and why he is sending this message
out.  I have tried to send an email to Mr. Weiner to try and get some
additonal information but the message was returned as undeliverable.