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What did Pete pull badly?

> Then there's the song "Turning Japanese."  It was slang for the way your
> eyes get when you mastur...Hey! you know, that could be what it's
> referring to...being Pete and all.


Very possible indeed...given his history of, er...songs along those
general lines.

> And you're right.  Roger said he hated John's soundtrack remix.

Didn't everyone? I mean, I love bass guitar...but really...

> I believe I
> still have a stub from the Who Houston '80 show which sold for $7.85 ($0.35
> parking fee included :-).  


A bargain...probably the best you ever had. I paid $7.50 in 1975, and
had to sit through the `orrible Toots And The Mayalls. And pay for my
parking, too.

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            Cheers                ML

 "There's a million ways to laugh/And every one's a path..."

            Pete Townshend