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re; Roger in the Wizard of Oz

I remember when that was first broadcast.
A radio station in my area (WHFS) was really hyping it
because of Jewel. She had already played at one of their
holiday shows and this station loves to hype
bands that will play their shows. ( they do a 
spring festival and a winter holiday show). So any
way, thats all they were talking about, Jewel as
Dorothy, for days, blah, blah, blah. Then comes the night
of the broadcast, and they find out who else was there;
Roger, Jackson Browne, Joel Grey, etc. 
So it was kind of embarassing for them 'cause they try
to be this big "alternative" station and most of the performers
there were either classic rock or broadway.
Infact, they had even sent a few listeners there in a contest too.
The DJ who was on during the live broadcast started
to give updates as to who was coming out in the various
other roles but it turned into a joke 'cause none of them
would ever be played on that station.