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Re: Chinese Eyes/ticket prices

>From: Joseph <joseph9@home.com>
>	All concert tickets cost more in general than the did 10-15 years ago.
>The ticket price range from my ticket agency for Fleetwood Mac last
>month ranged from $85-300 smackeroos, depending on how close you wanted
>to sit.

Interesting.  The Eagles pioneered this territory, oh, 3-4 years ago when
front-and-center tix were offered at $125 face.  If prime tix are now
getting up to $300, it looks like bands and management are finally wising
up and charging market prices for these tickets rather than charge $25 and
let ticket brokers colelct the premiums.  The only explanation I've heard
for the artificially low prices all these years is that bands & management
didn't have the nerve to take the complaints they'd get from the fans over
the higher prices.  But market value is market value, and if I'm going to
pay, say, $100 for a ticket I'd much rather the artist get all of that
money than have $70 of the $100 go to a broker.

>	I paid $75 to see both Pete Townshend and KISS last year.  It seems
>very fair to me.

Gather 'round, kiddies, and let grampaw tell you about the old days.  I
remember in the early '80s when Michael Jackson came to town and charged
$30 a seat...I thought the man had gone completely over the top and
snickered at anyone who would pay that much for a concert.  I believe I
still have a stub from the Who Houston '80 show which sold for $7.85 ($0.35
parking fee included :-).  Now, of course, I consider $50-$75 acceptable
for a Quad or Pete show.  Higher prices for shows in general help me decide
what shows I _really_ want to see.


"The Rolling Stones are the Microsoft of rock." --James Sethian