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Dave, re:

<< Some people might consider this post just another stupid Who poll , but
maybe it will get some discussion started since there hasn't been much
recently. >>

No, it's not a "stupid Who poll"... the list has been pretty crappy as of
late... :(

<< My question is what is your favorite Who song >>

Too many to pick from!! :(

<< Who album >>

Quadrophenia. Not a dull moment.

<< and what you feel is the most underrated Who song.>>

Either "Little Billy" or "Goin' Mobile". LB didn't get enough live airing..
they did it great on the Fillmore East show and I think they should have kept
it in the setlist. Not including GM in the Lifehouse (or subsequent) gigs is
one of Pete Townshend's worst decisions. "Baby, Don't You Do It" or "Bony
Maronie" instead of "Goin' Mobile"?? Don't get me wrong... BM (hehe) and
B,DYDI are great songs and all, but give me my GM over those two any day of
the week....

- -Mike