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Best Rock Band

> 2. Greatest Rock 'n Roll Band of all time; BEST rock'n roll band, etc:
> The Who were not prolific. The Stones have released nearly one album per
> year since they came into existence;


Not in the last decade (about a third of their existence), they haven't.

> Led Zepp took some of their initial
> material from Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath back in '70.

No, no...the first Zep album was released in January (12th, to be exact)
1969, and the last Yardbirds tour in `68 already had Dazed And Confused
on the playlist (as I'm Confused)...with no Zep member present other
than Page. There was an (excellent) aborted live album of this tour, in
fact, which showed the direction Page was about to take with LZ.
Besides, Zep I was appropriately called "atomic Blues" by critics. A
large portion of the material wasn't even written by Page/Plant. Sabbath
didn't play Blues, but chord-driven Rock.
Now if you said Sabbath got their initial material from The Who...that I
could agree with.

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