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RE: Live MSG Quad CD

> Hey this is in response to Bill Sherman's posting about the Quad CD he
> bought for fifty bucks.
> Good find !  I am actually listening to it right now at work.
> It kicks ass. I was at that show and three others that week at the
> garden.
> I paid the same price for mine , I think it was $45-
> It is a bootleg. 

I wasn't sure at the store, but lack of comment on this forum, and
the lack of markings when I got back to work and opened it hightened
my suspision.

Definately a great album.  I punished myself this Summer by not
going to see Quad, and this CD relieves and heightens the regret
at the same time.

> Drowned, WGFA, and Naked Eye, are my favorites on
> there. Even though both CD's are great. Did you know that the demos on
> the 2nd cd are all off of  Lifehouse + Quad demos (Another Bootleg
> Double CD) I have that too. 

Well, since this turns out to be a bootleg, it is my first one -- who or

> On another note, I picked up the video tape of the Who at the Isle of
> Wight. It was recorded from the Japanese Laserdisc, which I have been
> meaning to buy for the past six months, but the place had the tape
> running and I couldn't leave without it. So I paid $20- for it. Im still
> going to buy the Laser too.

Yeah, I gotta get that laser too, as well as Pete's recent LD release.

> If you don't have the live performance from IOW.......get it. There's
> nothing like seeing Keith go fucking bananas on his drum kit.

I have the CD, but have not seen the video.

>     -George 
>       CT.


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