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"Somebody Saved Me"

>Date: Sun,  9 Nov 1997 10:52:24, -0500
From: THRH79B@prodigy.com ( KELLY D GILES I)
Subject: Re: "Somebody Saved Me"

Hey Yellow, good to hear from you!

>>1)  I always thought "Somebody Saved Me" might
>be about several different people.  =

A popular enough theory, and one that makes sense...although =

personally, I like mine better. :)

>For some reason--
>I forget why--I associated it with John, Roger & Keith.
>Gotta listen to that again.  =

That doesn't seem very likely to me, since I don't think even Pete =

would take such poetic license as to call Roger and John dead when =

they weren't!<

Well, in the first two verses, he doesn't say that the friend is dead;
only in the last one.  So it could be John in the first & Roger in the
second, or vice versa.  I *really* need to listen to that again...if
I only had it on CD, would've done it by now. <g>  =

>>Does the Who's demo have different lyrics?

I dunno, never heard it!  Anyone else know?<

I know it's on FACE DANCES as a bonus track, so whenever
I pick that up...Maybe for Christmas.  I hope!

Have a great day!

- --Carolyn
"All I know about's staying alive"