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Pete Townshend Westwood One Concert for sale

Hey all,
I have the above 2 cd show for sale.  It's not a cdr or a bootleg, but the
original Westwood 1 show which was broadcast nationwide in June of last year.
 Its from the Fillmore, in San Francisco, and is from his acoustic tour of
April/May 1996.  The tracks are as follows:
Let My Love Open the Door
English Boy
Cut My Hair
I'm One
Heart to Hang Onto
A Friend is a Friend
I'm an Animal
Slit Skirts
Eyesight to the Blind
Now & Then
Rough Boys
Magic Bus

It also features various adds, and promos related to the show.  As I
mentioned, its not a cdr, or a bootleg, but the original WW1 show.  I paid
$80 for it, and would like to get the same back for it.  If you have any
questions, feel free to contact me.