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Emmee and her wonderful luck

I have been working at a radio station for a long time, it is a college 
radio station but we do run as a professional station.  Weekly we have a 
music news program called The Buzz which my roommate is producer of. The 
show consists of music reviews, and news and usually an interview with 
an artist. We have interviewed many up-and-coming artists, such as Bush, 
Veruca Salt, The Counting Crows, Primus, Busta Rymes, K's Choice, and 
coming soon we will be having (thanks to a little handy work by me) The 
Simon Townshend band.  I arranged this interview in Cleveland and am so 
so excited. I believe that as a Who fan I can do very well in thinging 
up questions to ask the band.

In other Emmee news my roommate and I are up to Live at Leeds in our 
continuing Who anthology. She is very interested in hearing what I am so 
interested in, and she was quite fond of Tommy. 

In other news, I have finally gotten my printer fixed and have been 
figuring out how to make pretty cool tape covers, I have just finished 
one for Simon Townshends Sweet Sound, it is quite nice made out of a 
picture of simon and ben that vince took, I am planning many more.

And Finally in Emmee news, I am working on a page solely dedicated to 
information on Roger Daltrey, I am looking for any links or information 
that you may have for me, and if you like send me suggestions about 
questions so ask the simon townshend band.


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