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Silly Question about Paul Townshend

This has nothing to do with "Tommy" at all! :)

I was just wondering if anyone knows what exactly it is that Paul 
Townshend does for a living.  I note that he always seems to be 
around when one of his brothers is touring, and he is thanked in the 
linear notes to "Psychoderelict".  So I'm guessing he has some sort 
of music related job (or else the family is just very close!), but 
does he hold down a "day job" as well?  I ask because for some reason 
I think I read once that he was an architect, but I'm maybe that was 
someone else or I was dreaming or something, so I wanted to see if 
anyone knew for sure. :)

- -Yellow "Where's my black eyeliner?" Ledbetter