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Tommy's Mum, dad an' lover

This is in response partially to Gary's post
        Gary said," Pete's story is much more clear cut. We know the father
definately kills the lover." Uh, not really. I only knew the father killed
the lover because I was was told that the movie version was reversed from
the origional. But more recently did I actually pay attention to the lyrics
in 1921. "So you think '21 is going to be a good year.(Then the dad pops in,
but there isn't a new voice to show this) Could be good for you an' me, but
you an' her - NO NEVER!" And the song continues with out missing a beat, so
it is rather hard to see the murder in the music. It really should have a
break, or a gunshot, or SOMETHING! Oh, it also is not, is NOT just the
affair that the parents are trying to cover up. Remember Folks, Tommy's dad
KILLS his mother's lover! Who cares about the lovers being in bed - Tommy
witnesses a MURDER. If I were the parents, you bet your ass I'm going to try
to make the kid forget it. It's the whole experience that effects Tommy, the
guy in bed with mom; another guy, an ARMY guy comes and kills the guy with
mommy, then both Mommy and the Army guy are yelling at me! WHY!? WHY?!? I
think It's a pretty fucking traumatic experience for a kid! It's not a
halusination by Tommy. He doesn't feel betrayed by his parents till AFTER
they start yelling at him. It's not that hard to figure this stuff out!

Uh Peaceout, yeah 
Andrew Thompson

P.S. Sorry! My temper got a hold of me! Sorry, folks! Shows over