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Re: The Who: in their own Words

Hi KLP!  (Kelp?!)

>My favorite is In Thier Own Words.  It
>has a great amount of group psyche info in it.  You get to know 
>opinions on many subjects.  It was rather disheartening for me when 
I first
>read it in '79.  I was 14, had been a fan for 4 years only and had 
them up
>on this very high pedestal before I read that book.  

The Who: in their Own Words was my very first Who book, and remains a 
favorite.  I picked it up at a secondhand bookstore in Denton, Texas 
while on a family vacation.  I was 14 and a half at the time, exactly 
one year after I started listening to the Who.  I didn't know much 
about the Who as people at that time, so I found it very interesting 
(especially for a quote book, something I usually don't like).

>After finishing I
>realized that they were cynical, self-absorbed and all around 
>pigs.  In essence I realized that my gods were human.

I can't say I had any important revelations like that...although I 
DID realize that a bird is not just a feathery thing that flies 
around and eats worms.  (Although it took me a while longer to work 
out exactly what else that might be!)

- -Yellow "And a right fine bird she is, too" Ledbetter