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Re: Freud and Pete, together again


>By the way, I originally mentioned the Freud thing just in passing.  

You've got to learn to stop mentioning ANYTHING in passing!  It'll 
get snatched up and become the hot topic of discussion for days on 
end!  But then again, isn't that part of what makes this mailing list 
so FUN?

>but I think Pete is definitely 'in touch with 
>his feminine side', these feelings manifesting themselves in some 
>sort of penis envy/obsession.

Now THAT'S an interesting thought.  Although I myself, as a female, 
have to dispute the whole penis envy theory.  I think it's just that 
Freud was so obsessed with penises that he couldn't imagine that 
everyone else wasn't the same way!  But that's just my own little 
theory. :)

Oh, and Mark E. Klyn, that was a very good and concise summary of how 
Freud's beliefs would relate to our Pete and his auto-destruction.  
<applause>  And now, for your next assignment, compare and contrast 
the symptoms displayed by Tommy and real children with autism.  (Just 
kidding of course, although I actually did once have a lengthy 
discussion with a friend of mine on that very subject.)

I'm so glad my mum went back to school to study psychology when I was 
a little Ledbetter...

- -Yellow "Feed Your Head" Ledbetter