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Re: The Who Books

In article <199703180828_MC2-12C3-A750@compuserve.com>,
    "KATHLEEN L. PASQUALE" <KLPasquale@compuserve.com>  writes:
> Regarding the 3 book titles you asked about; the first one (The Illustrated
> Discography The Who Side 1) I cannot comment on because I have not had the
> pleasure to obtain it.

I sent this in mail, but for the benefit of the list, let me say
that I thought the Hanel discography was good.  Its a little dated
now but I hear that Hanel is working on an update.  I used the bootleg
discography in there with other information I had from the defunct
'79 era Who Club to start the on-line bootleg list.  Now the on-line
version has been extended so much (still working on incorporating the
150+ batch of updates I have) its probably double or triple the
one in Hanel's book.  But, the studio information there was detailed
and accurate to my knowledge.