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RE: The Who Books


Regarding the 3 book titles you asked about; the first one (The Illustrated
Discography The Who Side 1) I cannot comment on because I have not had the
pleasure to obtain it.

As for the other two, The Who In Thier Own Words & the Illustrated
Biography, they're both very good.  My favorite is In Thier Own Words.  It
has a great amount of group psyche info in it.  You get to know their
opinions on many subjects.  It was rather disheartening for me when I first
read it in '79.  I was 14, had been a fan for 4 years only and had them up
on this very high pedestal before I read that book.  After finishing I
realized that they were cynical, self-absorbed and all around chauvinist
pigs.  In essence I realized that my gods were human.

If it were me I would buy them all regardless of how good or not so good
they were.  Become a collector it's fun.

Good Luck