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>Date: Fri, 28 Feb 1997 13:29:30 -0500
>From: David and Debra Schwartz Authorized User <DDDBS@ix.netcom.com>
>Message To All:
>	I came across a very interesting bootleg this week, with material that =
>I, and I am a serious Who collector never hear before.  The feature song =
>of the boot was a version of   Led Zep's 'Rock and Roll' sung by Roger.  =
>I swear, I never heard this before in my life.  This is what was on the =
>1. Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting (basic Who version, I believe)

originally from Elton John's Two rooms released 1991

 >2. Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me (Roger singing; I don't know if it =
>was him alone, or if was done by the Who, at the same time as 'Saturday =

I don't think so, it's from the soundtrack of The Lost Boys it plays while
the ending credits roll, released 1987. I believe it is Roger alone. I was a
very happy girl in the theatre "Thats Roger singing :-) !!!" I promptly
bought the soundtrack. 

>3. Life to Life (basic PT from a soundtrack)

It's from the Playing for Keeps soundtrack released 1986, Bill Curbishley
listed as one of the executive music producers with very special thanks to

>4. Ascension (not a clue in the world what this is)

Not sure about this but Ascension Two is "Music & Rhythm- A double benefit
album The  WOMAD Festival". It has Pete, John, Rabbit, & Kenney

>5. I Won't Be the One to Say Goodbye (Roger, solo, I think)
>10. Dear John (Roger solo, i think)

I've heard of them but don't know where from.

>6. Rock and Roll (Roger solo, I think; blistering at times)
>7. Gimme Some Lovin' (Roger solo, I think)

I'd be mighty interested to hear these!

>8. Man machine (basic PT from 'Iron Man', I think)

The Man Machine I have is on Iron Man w/Simon singing

>9.Written on the Wind (Roger solo, I think)

Never heard of it

>11. Classified (basic PT, I think)

B side of UK & Holland(mine's Dutch) LMLOTD 45 along w/Greyhound Girl
>There you are.  Does any one recognize any of this stuff?  I am working =
>on a master list of Who songs, and would really appreciate the answer =
>(e-mail me, too, if you don't mind.)

Thanks for giving me a reason to dive into my LP's !! 

                                      -Cheers, Stefani