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Re: Standing

> From: salamander@MADNET.COM
> Date: Mon, 16 Dec 1996 15:50:52 -0500 
> Subject: Re: Sitting vs. Standing
> we're Who fans, we KNOW that people can die at concerts...but these days
> that's more likely to happen inside by the stage than outside by the
> doors...

  People died at concerts when there was/is a mad rush for festival seating.
  I think that any belief of getting crushed because u are standing at
  a Who concert is a little exaggerated.

  Especially nowadays.
  ALthough I suppose anything can happen.

  People stand to dance. To get into the songs, to air guitar, to move to
  the sound. It's a natural reaction. 

  And it's sort of tough to sit in the first 10 rows. The experience is
  substantially different than sitting in the reserved seats on the side.

  Standing is a sign of not being bored. It's not a movie. It's live 
  rock and roll. 

  Alot of people stand for the groups most popular songs. I am guilty of
  that. And that goes for all sections.

  On the other hand, I do always check my surroundings. If no one else is
  standing, especially in back of me, I won't stand. I do have a bit
  of a beef when there are only 10 - 15 people standing in a 200 person
  section. I can see where you can get comfortable having sat a while, 
  then, getting pissed having to peer around someone else. 

  I think most people don't do it intentionally. I had looked around during
  Quadrophenia at the Garden during some of the heavy hitter songs like
  "Punk Meets The Godfather" and was surprised that whole sections were
  sitting.  I guess it was personal pride or something. I had always thought
  that if I saw them live doing songs like that one, the place would be
  rocking. But people have their favorit songs, and it's an event to have
  them played live.
  IMO, when u buy a concert ticket, you should enter with the flexability
  of being around people who stand. Its music. It's a way to groove with
  the music. A movie theatre ? Sit the hell down and SHup. A concert ?
  COmes with the territo