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The Who Mailing List Digest V3 #638

Hi Yellow

>>  "If there are seats ikn the front, SIT IN THEM! Stand
up to clap, but keep yer butt down for the show!" Come on everyone,
we're Who fans, we KNOW that people can die at concerts...but these days
that's more likely to happen inside by the stage than outside by the
doors... <<

Well said Yellow.  I was beginning to despair that the world was full of
illogical idiots by the response this subject got.  If the message can get
through to at least one person it has achieved some progress towards sanity.
BTW loved your survey re the Who albums etc, sorry I didn't manage to get time
to vote.

I could be one of the older Who fans at 51.  I saw them on Hastings pier back in
the mid 1960's when I was a young Mod, I had not seen them live since then until
Earls Court, London just over a week ago.  So that is a 30 year gap and do you
know they definitely look a bit older BUT they are still just as exciting though
I still miss Keith Moon the mad drummer.  At least Zak was tremendous and the
closest to Keith's drumming I have ever heard, hope he stays with them.

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