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The Who Mailing List Digest V3 #635

>> If the Who wants me to stand at their show, they should play venues 
with open floor areas. I like shows with open floors. <<

BUT WHY !!!!!  It is still so stupid.  Very uncomfortable and unless you are
over 6 foot tall you cannot see a thing.  Sorry pal but I just fail to see any
logic in this at all and I love groups like the Who, Genesis, Floyd, Yes etc.
It is not my ageing years either as I have always hated it when people stand.
BTW I am male but only 5 ft 7 inches tall :-(   Maybe they should have a
standing area at the BACK and sides of the hall now that may be a logical
compromise.  I cannot believe Pete, Roger or John would disagree with this logic
Ray Walton at 11:22:24 on 15-Dec-96 using OZWIN 2.10.1