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        And I've heard that "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" was bad.
        Aside from shooting 9mm silver-tipped stakes out of machine guns,
the technology fit, I guess.  Holy water and garlic are quite effective
torture devices, though the latter is just as bad for the torturer.
        I managed not to laugh until Roger showed up as a leather-clad punk
rocker.  THAT was the last straw.  That pink lock is not him.  (Nor is the
eye shadow, but that's another story - lack of colour coordination.)  Loved
the song, though.  Fits well with the film... if anything did at all.
        Even if I were an unbiased observer, Roger would appear to the best
actor of the bunch.  It seems like the casting directors went out to find
*the* worst actors that they possibly could!
        Roger could make a career out of playing comic book bad guys - this
is his second - and convincingly.  (Take that one as you will.)
        Gotta love it.  I think I'll go watch Roger's second scene.  It's
the only believeable one in the movie... but it's a good one!

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