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Re: The Who Mailing List Digest V3 #636


sounds like you are really beginning to appreciate for the first time in your
life the full force of a who live perfomance  (in the good old days)  --- I
am forty years old and have been nuts about the who since a teenager ---
"couldn't help but notice how animated kieth plays"?  wow  -- when you said
that huge smiles came to me --- what a wonderful fresh impression of the
monster legend that is Keith  ---- And your delight in petes windmill strums
- --  just let me say that it was wonderful to read your contribution to the
board  -- to see that the wonder still occurs --- someone discovering the
power magesty and magic of my boys performing live when in their prime

robert flanders

jerry namechanged:

comments on the engineers messing with live at leeds --- yes -- a total crime
 -- if they messed at all with john's base lines in "my generation"  they
should of course be shot  -- and of course you are completely right in your
appreciation of the who's live performances in that era vs their overly
engineered studio work --- Kit lambert took most of the raw energy out of
"tommy"  in the studio  --didn't appreciate what he had or was afraid the
world wasn't ready for the real raw dangerous power of the who

robert flanders