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Shel Talmy v. The Who -- Any More Info?

<<Finally about Shel Talmy. I have heard that both sides (ie The Who and
Shel Talmy) have been gathering info on when songs were recorded and which
countries songs were released. A very good and reliable source recently told
me that it was for a legal battle, but did not know any more details. I know
Richard Barnes has been doing a lot of info collecting for The Who side, so I
found it amusing in alt.music.who that Shel Talmy was asking Who fans to give
him info that could very well be turned against The Who.>>

Does this mean that negotiations have completely broken down?  Has anybody
contacted Talmy about this?  Any could someone please explain to me how Talmy
owns the original master tapes while the Who presumably owns the music (since
they were able to inclue Shel Talmy produced material on the box set, albeit
from inferior tapes)?