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The Who Maximum BBC

I just got this boot CD and had a few questions:

1.  Even though the sound quality is very good, the material sounds like it
was taken from a vinyl source.    Was the disc mastered from BBC
transcription discs or from other vinyl bootlegs?  

2.  Does anybody have information on the BBC promo CDs with Who material?
 Were these CDs also mastered from transcription discs?  How does the sound
quality of these CDs compare to Maximum BBC?  How many Who songs have been
released on promo CD by the BBC?

3.  What songs recorded for the BBC were NOT included on Maximum BBC?

4.  Does the BBC have exclusive rights to this material?  Judging from the
compiler's notes in the box set, the BBC was able to prevent this material
from being included, but could the BBC release the material itself without
the Who's consent?