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Re: TheWho Digest Vol 2 Num 20

>	I always find myself disappointed when I hear about a new
>adaptation of the Who's music.  I haven't seen Tommy the musical yet,
>but I have a feeling I wouldn't enjoy it.  Something tells me I'm not
>going to enjoy the  "Who get Orchestrated" project either.  The spirit
>and original intent of the original music is lost during these
>conversions to other styles.  Give me Pearl Jam with Vedder yelling about
>his/formerly Pete's/now my Generation; the feeling is real.  Don't give me a
>bunch of old guys with violins and clarinets.  The lyrics and chords
>merely become lines and dots on a page because no matter how good a
>musician is, if he has no connection, feeling, or understanding of the
>music he or she is playing they won't be able to play it or sing it
>properly.  It becomes "out of tune" and the "sensation" is lost, so to speak.
>      I guess I just need to have Pete sit down and explain it all to me.


I don't think that's particularly fair.  I've seen the broadway musical they
made of Tommy and it was VERY good -- certainly the best broadway show I've
seen, and one of the best musical performances.  

Though _I_ don't think so, perhaps it IS true that something is lost in these
types of conversions.  The fact is, there are people who will enjoy the
results, both original Who fans and those who are not interested in the rock
and roll style.  IMHO such projects are worth it as long as they fulfill their
purpose, the purpose of all music, and ENTERTAIN people.  

					Can you see the real me?
						- Michael