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re: various

Hello and Greetings, fellow WHO listers!!!!!

A few comments for today's message:

To Christian re: Moody Blues WHO cover w/ LSO - While I agree that MB is one 
band that works well with a symphony orchestra, I'm personally not sure that 
they would be a strong choice for a WHO cover. Justin Heyward and John Lodge's
vocal styles would not, in my opinion, do ANY WHO song justice (with the 
exception of Behind Blue Eyes). The WHO's music, even at its most mellow, 
still has an edge that, if the Moodys did do a WHO cover, would be sorely
lacking. I'm not saying you're wrong in your choice of the Moodys: I'm just
giving you my admittedly subjective opinion. Comments/criticisms, anyone???

To Jef Fernley: Hey there, pal!! What's up? Got your message on the WHO 
COLLECTION #1---I have a "WHO COLLECTION #1" as well, and it has most, if not 
all, of the material on your tape. The video quality ranges from very, very 
good to fair. I'm interested in knowing about the quality of your video. If 
it's better video quality, then I'd like to get a copy. Otherwise, I'll pass. 
Let me know ASAP. Thanks!!!!!

To TIM re: Guitarists question: FYI, Phil Palmer is the guitarist who was on 
Pete's PsychoDerelict U.S. tour and PPV in 1993. Phil also was the lead 
guitarist at the Daltrey Sings Townshend Carnegie Hall NYC shows. Geoff 
Whitehorne was the lead guitarist on the Daltrey summer 1994 tour. 

Also to Tim re: "Meher": the song is indeed titled "Meher". It can be found on
an album called "With Love". It was a Baba tribute lp whch had a low-key 
release in the mid-70's (I don't have the exact year at this time). Also of 
note to WHO/PT fans on "With Love": Pete's "Sleeping Dog", "Lantern Cabin", 
and Billy Nichols' solo version of "Without Your Love" (which later was 
recorded by Roger for the "McVicar" soundtrack. Rog's version was a Top 40 
U.S. hit in 1980.

To Jon Proulx: Thanks very much for the welcome message: I really appreciate 
it. I would definitely like you to download the WHO Digests to my e-mail ID. 
One question before you do, though: How many messages are we talking about 
here? Please let me know via e-mail before you send them. Then I'll ket you 
know when to send them. Thanks a lot!!!!

To Dr. Jimmy aka Pete Higgins: Lisztomania (1975) was a film by Ken Russell, 
starring Roger Daltrey as composer Franz Liszt. The movie was a trippy, 
ridiculous psychedelicized version of Liszt's life story, conveying the idea 
that Liszt's lifestyle (wine, women and song) was a prototype for the 
sex, drugs and rock 'n roll lifestyles of 70's rock stars. In short, Franz 
Liszt was the first "Rock" star. BTW---I left you a message to call me, man.
Do you bother to return calls or what?

To Stephen Laub re; trades---I'll call you before the week is out, my friend.