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Maximum BBC release

I just picked up this new "import" CD yesterday an it's a good one.  It isn't
everything from the BBC sessions but, it includes all the high quality cuts
that I know of.  Sound quality is excellent (same or better that other Who
BBC CDs) with only a couple minor source tape flaws and a few tracks are from
pretty clean vinyl.  There are a couple songs with voice-over from the
original DJ.  All on one disc, 78min, 28 cuts, a lot of groovy '60s pics of
the band.  THE TRACKS:  Just You And Me, Leavin' Here-May 25 '65;   Good
Lovin', Anyway Anyhow, Anywhere-June 19 '65;   The Good's Gone, My
Generation, La La Lies-April 22 '65;   A Man With Money, Substitute, Dancing
In The Street-March 15 '66;   Disguises, I'm A Boy, So Sad About Us-Sept. 13
'66;   Run Run Run, Boris The Spider, Happy Jack, See My Way-Jan. 17 '67;   I
Can't Reach You, Our Love Was Is, I Can See For Miles, Pictures Of Lily,
Summertime Blues-Oct. 10 '67;   I'm Free, The Seeker, Heaven And Hell,
Shakin' All Over, Substitute, Pinball Wizard-April 13 '70.
The CD says these are the dates recorded but, they could well be the air date
as most BBC sessions were recorded a week or so ahead of time.