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Re: WHO questions for the week of 1/23 - 1/27

> QUESTION #3 - If a WHO tribute album does happen (there is currently talk of a
>               project by MCA), which contemporary/alternative performers 
>               should contribute, and which WHO songs should they cover?

Stone Temple Pilots - "Naked Eye" (Suggested by another Who-lister)
Pearl Jam - "Baba O'Riley" (I've heard boots with this... sounds good)
Elton John - "Pinball Wizard" (snicker :> ) 
Aerosmith - "Dreaming from the waist" (seems to fit in with 
             Aerosmith's attitude... )

I don't know who else... but songs i would like to hear as well:

Happy Jack
Boris the spider (ok.. its a hilarious song.. I'd get a kick out of 
                  hearing it on the radio)
Pictures of Lily
Who are you
and definately a few things of Quadrophenia... "Bell Boy", "Dr. 
Jimmy", "The Real me"

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