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WHO questions for the week of 1/23 - 1/27


It is I, Marty Secero, the new WHOlist guy from N.J., and I thought I'd start
a weekly forum on the list in order to encourage communication, debate and
interaction between the list members. I hope that the others out there take my
lead. If any of you have questions that you feel can and will start us all
talking, by all means post them.

QUESTION #1 - Which second guitarist used on WHO/PT/RD tours post-Kenny Jones
              is the best and why? (Your choices: David Gilmour, Steve "Boltz"
                                    Bolton, Phil Palmer, Geoff Whitehorne)

QUESTION #2 - If Pete ever releases a third "Scoop" lp, what WHO or solo demos
              would you be most interested in hearing?

QUESTION #3 - If a WHO tribute album does happen (there is currently talk of a
              project by MCA), which contemporary/alternative performers 
              should contribute, and which WHO songs should they cover?

I look forward to reading all your answers. Have a great day, everybody!!!

Marty Secero