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Guitar smashing

>1.Roxette's new album "Crash!Bang!Boom!" features a song called "I like
>the sound of Smashing Guitars"(?) that is said to be inspired by Pete

Here's a thread - songs which refer to PT's demolition work. I can think of
two others right off -

1. John Hiatt's 'Perfectly Good Guitar'. Doesn't mention Pete by name, but
goes something like "It makes me mad to see those stars smashing up
perfectly good guitars..."

2. (My favourite) Loudon Wainright III's 'Red Guitar' - "I used to have a
red guitar but I smashed it one sad night. I smashed it in the classic form,
as Peter Townshend might..."

Incidentally, I once disposed of a no-longer wanted acoustic by trashing it
to the soundtrack of 'My Generation'. It wasn't quite as much fun as I'd
hoped it would be. 

  Mike Mooney                                                             
  University of Bradford  (UK)