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(From England)wrote:

P.S Is there anyone else on the list from the UK ?

Answer: Yes, me at any rate. Mike Mooney, age 40 (gulp). I liked all the Who
singles in the 60's, and even bought a few, but didn't really become a
committed Who freak until the release of 'Who's Next', which was one of
those 'Road to Damascus' jobs. I saw them twice: 1st time at the (now
defuct?) King's Hall, Manchester on the 'Quadrophenia' tour, 1973, 2nd time
at the first of the Charlton bashes (the one with Humble Pie, Lou Reed,
Lindisfarne, Maggie Bell and Bad Company's debut gig). At the Manchester gig
I managed to get on stage, just behind Pete's stack, and so had the somewhat
frightening experience of watching Keith Moon drumming at very close range,
as well as a bit of chat with Pete and sharing his onstage drinks (it was
water!) As you can imagine, I was in total ecstasy (the state, not the drug,
it wasn't invented then) for several days. I have to say that I felt thet
the band began to lose it after 'Quad', and should *definitely* have quit
after Keith's death (much as I loved Kenney Jones's drumming with the Faces,
another fave band). The last two albums were basically crap, and I don't
even own them at the moment. I now greatly prefer Pete as a solo artist
(particularly 'Who Came First' and 'Chinese Eyes') and I sincerely hope the
Who do *not* reform, it would be a travesty. Well, that's my two penn'orth...

  Mike Mooney                                                             
  University of Bradford  (UK)