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Re: Dr. Jimmy needs his head examined!!!!

> It's quite foolish not to trust me, for I tell you no lies.
  Hmmm, only been on the list for 2 days, so was I supposed
  to ASSUME that you were telling the truth, and NOT assume
  that someone joined the mailing list just for a gag ??

> Since you have to know, I am longtime friends with a WHO couple, Melissa and

  I would think most fans would like further detail of someone
  stating they have a "secret source"

> Gary Hurley, who live in Loughton, England. M and G are friendly with both
> Richard Barnes (PT's close friend and longtime WHO associate: he created the

 Wrote Before I Get Old, right ?
> WHO name) and Bill and Jackie Curbishley (they manage the WHO and PT, as well
> as Robert Plant and Jimmy Page). I am also good friends with Phil Hopkins, one
> of the two publishers of "Generations" a U.K. WHO fanzine that is well worth
> checking out. Issues 12 and 13 are both out now. Have you heard of
> "Generations"? Anyway, Melissa and Gary did some work last year on the "30

  Since being on the list about a year and a half, I have heard of that
  magazine, but only since being on the list. I would have subscribed
  if I had heard it through mouth, but never was told about it..
  I did try joining some of the WHO FAN clubs as listed in the back of
  "The WHo Discography" which listed almost EVERYTHING up to I think
  Its HArd ...Heard of it ? Well, most of them were defunct by 1983 or so..

> Years" boxed set, as did Phil Hopkins. These are my friends, and they're
> close enough to the source to be somewhat trusted. As we know, though,
> sometimes these things don't work out, especially if PT is in a particularly
> nasty mood. We'll see......

  Pete changes like the waether, he is a real bastard..BUt thats the REAL
  human in him...thats why I like him..Down to earth. HAs bad days like the
  rest of us common folk..

> As for my "half-drunken evening" with John Entwistle and Simon Townshend, I 
> kid you not: After the Daltrey show in Vienna, VA. on 9/10/94, my group of WHO

  Some humor was meant there, no "flame" was really attempted at you...
  You know how it is, someone joins the list, spews out a juicy rumor 
  that got my mouth drooling,,,I really hope its true..

> friends and I went back to the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington, D.C., after 
> asking John's girlfriend Lisa if we could go back to the hotel with the band. 
> My group of friends (nicknamed the PsychoDerelict family) is a 15-20 person 
> band of WHO fans, and our presence at WHO/PT/RD shows has been recognized by 
> the band and the management. Contrary to what most other WHO fans believe, 
> these guys are not totally inaccessible. You have to shake the right hands, 

  I waited for (PT)  got a parking ticket after
  the second Beacon show, and waited by the side door for him to come out..
  Must have slipped out the back...
> rub the right shoulders.....Anyway, we partied in the lobby lounge with John 
> and his girlfriend (a beautiful Memphis belle, though she was on a major 
> cocaine buzz all night). As a way of saying thanks, we presented John with a 
> bottle of Remy Martin. He was extremely pleased, and drank most of the 

  How many cigs did John go through...(Brand??)

> bottle that night. Also present all night was longtime head WHO roadie Bob 
> Pridden, who held court on his own with members of "The Relay" fanzine. At

  (Pridden, the guy who got the abuse for not synchronizing the Quadro tapes       at the premeir of Quadro on the raod..( You better get it right, Pridden!)
  He's the guy who is in charge of the Baba and WGFA syn tracks, correct? 
  You know, some of us dont have "close friends" that know the band,
  but still know SOME info about them,,, :)

> 3AM, we were all tired and ready to go. However, Simon T., lonely due to not
> being able to get thru on the phone to his wife, invited us all to his room.
> We stayed with him until 4:45AM. He was drunk and obnoxious, but he was a
> good host, allowing us to raid his room's liquor cabinet. He also forkfed us
> spaghetti from his room service cart. Finally, on our way out, as we were
> saying goodbye, he tackled my friend Frank and rolled around on the bed,
> jokingly dry-humping him. Now, I'm straight, as is my friend Frank. I'm sure
> Simon is, as well. I'm telling you this to illustrate the level of
> intoxication and fatigue he must have been feeling at the time.
  No comment...He must have been blitzed..

> Now, good Dr., don't think for a minute that I made this shit up. 
  You cant blame me for being pesimist,,,,Like I said, people can join
  this at any time and just say shit, how would I know if it was true..
  I could read books and know names too, right??

> As far as John's HITS, granted, he never had a legitimate hit. That doesn't 
> mean that John's solo stuff shouldn't be released, does it???
 I liked TooLateTheHEro...

> Don't be such a non-believer, Jimmy.....
  See above comment, I will beleive it when I see it...
  And I am the next 1,000,000 dollar winner in Ed McMahons drawing..
  You can't blame my pesimism....(SP?)

> Marty Secero
> Pete Higgins